The difference between intellectual and emotional knowledge

Today I learnt some huge stuff.

At the talk Yeshua and Mary gave in Albury I took the opportunity to ask about my own emotions around the money issues I have, and I listed some of the fears related to it (Fear of death/survival issues, fear of humiliation and fear of being controlled). I asked if there were any I had missed and Mary mentioned a lack of self responsibility, to which I added that I knew I wanted the world to fix it for me. (Yeshua also mentioned this is an error I have inherited from my parents who lived in Holland during WWII)

Today I was talking about this with my group counsellor and she observed that it sounded like Attachment issues, which I didn’t twig to at first, but then realised what she meant (I think it was Homecoming that I read about this first in)… My needs as an infant were not met, so I was still stuck there, in having others looking after me.

So I have been living out this need for my entire life! And now I emotionally get that, and have started feeling the pain of that lack. This excites me as I feel I can change my life so much from this and it opens up so much to me.

It also highlights beautifully for me the difference between intellectually knowing something and emotionally knowing it – I knew a few months ago when I read it in a book that my infant needs had not been met, but it wasn’t until today when I connected to it emotionally that I saw and felt and understood it. And now I can do something about it, and release the need to have the world fix it for me – I can start taking responsibility for myself!!

Yay me 🙂

Life Changes

I lost this post…. I wonder if spirits got to it.

Could that be because I wrote about something I learned about spirits?

I have learned that spirits are just people without a physical body, apart from that they are the same as you and me…. cept they can see emotions… now that would be useful. I would love to be able to see my emotions and go… right…. there’s one there, a particularly deep dark and yukky one, let’s be having ya!

Haven’t let go of enough fear of spirits to hear or see them, just still get vague feelings, and sometimes, when I am open enough, quite definite and particular feelings and ideas from them.

I have experienced over the past few weeks though, something quite monumental. From the moment I chose to turn around and face the spirits, and to love them as my brothers and sisters under God, my life has got one hell of a lot easier. And that is pretty damn good.

**edit – I remembered I also had some reiki to balance my chakras, perhaps that may have had some impact also**

Since then I have found feeling my feelings a lot easier, the tap doesn’t automatically turn off a couple of nanoseconds after it opens – and I have been able to feel God’s love for as long as I want to, not just a few moments – I feel I can choose to have more now. Cool.

And, last week, after a beautiful weekend spent listening and talking to Jesus and Mary in Albury (what an amazing and awesome and powerful weekend that was for me!!) I noticed that I felt really loved. God loves me! And, I am actually lovable! And now, still, a week later, I still feel that there – I know it is written on my soul in indelible ink now – it’s not coming off… what a life changing event – now I know what Jesus meant when he spoke of being transformed into a divine creature – I feel I have just started the process 🙂

My life has been completely different this past week. And I have noticed it in my interactions with others too.

Cool stuff 🙂