time for another vent

I wanted to post this on facebook in a group, but thought no, that would be an unloving projection directed at the people in the group, so instead, thought if I write it here it is out of me and not hurting anybody as nobody reads this anyway. (bleat bleat poor pitiful me).

Far kkk. I hate my life. I am so pissed off that I cannot fix me. I really really really do not want to let go of my fucking anger at the world, so much so I am willing to lose everything for the sake of hanging on to that fucking anger. No matter how much I intellectually know otherwise. Fuck my soul I hate you so much!!! Why do I have to fight myself so much. Don’t you know I know better than you!!!!?!?!?!

God damn it! Life just sucks bigtime. I can’t fix me. I am fucked.

I don’t know how to fucking fix this. It sucks so much. Damn.