Four week update


stats: Well, it’s been 4 weeks today, I have lost 8.8kg (19.36lb) at an average of 0.31kg(0.69lb) daily and at that rate I will get to my goal of 60kg (132lb) – which is a loose goal, on my birthday of all days, 27 July 2012! 😀

One icecream on about day 2 or 3, copious wine and cheese and a small amount of chicken on about day 10, and three glasses of wine a couple of days ago – the icecream didn’t seem to matter, the day 10 splurge caused 800gm weight gain and a funny tummy the next day, and the three glasses of wine caused a 100gm weight gain, and lessons well learned… losing weight is more important to me now!

The rest of the time I have been drinking water as my only drink, eating fruit for breakfast (apples, bananas, oranges, with the odd stone fruit in there), randomly eating nuts (but expecting to cut those back after I read the 80/10/10 book), salads or vegies or leftover vegies/rice or lavash bread with hommus for lunch and usually a stirfry vegies and maybe rice or salad and rice/lavash/pita bread for dinner.

Going really well, I am loving the way I am doing this and how effortless it is, as it feels like I have finally dropped the need for emotional eating and psychological protection avoidance and denial 🙂

the thing that I marvel at is that it has been utterly effortless and fun, even 🙂

another thing is that I have had to start using my belt again, and it is two notches in from where it used to be when I stopped using it 🙂

Another bonus has been that my daughter is now telling me how good she thinks it is that I am losing weight – she is 7 and it is quite precious to me that I am making her happier in this way.