Juice Cleanse! – Day 1

Today is day 1 of my juice cleanse, coached by Courtney. I am hoping to do this God’s Way – that is, feeling my emotions as they come up and not suppressing anything. So far husband and daughter have both fallen casualty to that 🙁

In the past few days I started feeling quite scared. And Courtney nailed it when she said some people feel like they are never going to eat real food again – and yes, that’s pretty much what part of it was.

Last night I left it till 10 minutes before the supermarket closed to go get fruit and veg for today ($57!!), then didn’t really set it up well enough for me to sort through all my groceries and start the juicing process.

So we all ended up grumpy and I didn’t get my juicing finished until around midnight. Tonight I will do it sooner – planning on buying stuff earlier and going upstairs around 5pm to juice 4lt for tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t cost as much either, this is going to be pricey otherwise. Still, the benefits will be worth it (faith talking here – actually not faith yet, just hope so far).

Courtney stressed that it would be highly beneficial for me to also do an enema…………. yuh. Every day. yuh. Starting the first day. Most importantly starting the first day. Yuh!

Well, so I just plucked up the courage to do that – detoxing from the inside out!

All I am going to say about it is that now my insides feel quite … delicate is the only word that I can think of currently. Oh, and I didn’t have an instant 5kg weight loss!! (yes, I checked…)

And since that little exercise I am feeling a little spacey and wobbly – I guess it kicked the detoxing up a little notch.

So, Day 1 so far – 14:41 and going ok. 2lt of juice down, enema done, struggling to actually get any water drunk too. Starting weight 125.9kg (after a bit of a binge week last week).