Today’s realisation

A couple of things I realised today.

In a mindfulness session of 5 minutes, at around the 4:58 mark I start feeling some emotion – riding a wave M calls it I think. Sometimes I stay and feel it, but did just now and it just floated away.

I am at my most clear immediately after doing mindfulness – an incentive to do it regularly.

M talks about “jumping away from the bus” – I felt today an analogy that resonates better is 24×7 feeling like I am about to be murdered. I felt the heart pounding and shallow breaths of that in this last 5 min session and tried to stay there but kept skipping away – then when I did stay there and the emotion started coming up, ping… the alarm went off.

Today my motivation for doing mindfulness is high as I am so scattered and I want to be more focussed and be more productive. Today is being a better day after 2 5 min sessions (1st one with Prayer for Divine Love as usual) and it now being 12.41pm

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