I learned something new

Today, I learned that nobody cares about my crap. So, deal with it and move on. Enough of the pity party already. It is counter productive and worse than useless – it makes things worse.

So why do I do it? Because I am angry with the world and want the world to just bloody well fix it for me. Well, that ain’t gonna happen, so what now?

I have to learn how to fix it myself. I don’t believe I can. Others maybe, but not me. Coz I am extra specially stuffed somehow. God made this plan for everyone else but it ain’t gunna work for me. What kind of crap is that? My kinda crap.

The kinda crap that puts the hand brake on big time against me doing something about it. I can stay the victim and wallow in the pity murk. Yuk. but yum too…

hmm. time to watch a couple of chick flicks and see if they help get things rolling for me. And see what the morning brings.

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