About me and my musings…

My goal with this blog is to journal my journey!

Combining the Way to God (well, my fumblings through it anyway) as taught by Jesus in his second incarnation as AJ Miller with Somatic Mindfulness in order to create a happier and better life for me and those whom I affect.

After six years of learning about the Way to God (check here for more info on that) I realised that I wasn’t getting very far, and just making myself more miserable knowing how I was NOT getting very far. So I had to do something differently (definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result).

I sought out some assistance in the form of counseling and was recommended to someone local. She came highly recommended from a number of others who also were trying to follow the Way to God, so I thought I’d check her out.

That was in November (2014). After meeting Jesus and listening to his teachings since 2009, which were fascinating, wonderful, exhilerating, confronting, annoying, joyous, and confronting, did I mention confronting? I learnt a lot about what being Loving was, and how to get closer to God, but I realised that I still didn’t want to.

I wanted to stay angry at the world. And everyone in it. And everything – animals, trees, rocks, plants, just everything.

And realised, well that wasn’t going to get me very far or very happy now was it.

So I decided to go see M (the counselor). First thing I said to her, my motivation for wanting to book in was that I wanted to stop being angry with everything and everyone in the universe. I had started to feel what that was costing me and what I was doing to everyone around me (Jesus had kept feeding back to me how angry, er no, actually RAGEFUL, I was, and I finally got it).

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